Complete Guide for Home Sellers

Selling a home can be intimidating.  Likely you’ll be thinking about many things, such as whether to use a REALTOR® or not, what the price should be and whether you should sell before buying your next home.

Selling a Home in Orlando

The selling process itself can be also be daunting.  What contracts should you use?  How should you prepare for home inspections?  Open houses?  How should you market and advertise? Attempting to sell on your own is a formidable task, especially in a buyer’s market.  Selling your home is likely one of the largest financial transactions you will ever make in your lifetime.  Having a REALTOR® on your side can make the journey much easier, saving you time and increasing your chances of getting the best price possible for your home.

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Selling without a REALTOR®

Some people decide to try and sell real estate without a REALTOR®.  In most cases I have seen, trying to sell without an expert can lead to a great deal of stress and thousands of dollars lost on the sale.  In reality, only about 3-5% of home sales are NOT processed through a real estate agent.  I always wonder, in the largest financial transaction of your life, how do you trust that you know all of the important laws and regulations without a REALTOR®?  How do you write and execute a thorough contract that fully protects you and your family without a REALTOR®?

Setting the Listing Price

Choosing the right price for your property is critical to your success in selling. To set the right price, we’ll need to compare your property to similar properties nearby that have recently sold.  I will do this by downloading recent sales data about properties similar to yours from the local MLS® System and creating a comparative market analysis. I will also need to take into account:

  • any major renovations
  • any repairs that need to be done before selling
  • how much you need from the sale in order to make a profit, break even, or buy your next home

Marketing Your Home

Once we’ve chosen the right price, I will begin aggressively marketing your property.  This is where my years of marketing experience–both professionally in real estate and working for large fortune 500 corporations and educationally through many degrees and certifications–will become the competitive advantage.

I will use traditional methods such as:

  • yard signs
  • advertisements
  • open houses

But what sets my marketing plan apart from the others is expertise in the following areas:

  • access and use of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS®) System, where I will showcase and market your property to every REALTOR® in Central Florida
  • your listing showcased on, which averages more than 4 million consumer visits a month and is the most-visited U.S. real estate franchise website
  • professional photography of your home’s exterior and interior
  • social media marketing, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube and more…
  • exposure on all the most reputable and visited real estate websites, including an enhanced listing on most

Last, but certainly not least, I will ANSWER MY PHONE and RESPOND TO EMAIL AND WEB INQUIRIES quickly when a prospective buyer contacts me directly about your home.  When selecting the right REALTOR® for you, please do not underestimate this timeless business “rule” and practice, as many real estate agents fail to comply and can cost you valuable time and money.  One of the biggest frustrations I over and over hear from buyers out in the market is that the listing agents they are calling or emailing about homes do not respond.  I can tell you personally that there are even times when I, as a REALTOR®, have a difficult time getting in touch with listing agents to show their properties to my buyers.  I can assure you–this will never be me.

Negotiating the Sale

Once your property has attracted a buyer, I will walk you through negotiating the purchase offer.  Not only will we negotiate the final sale price together, but we will also consider other contingencies such as financing, closing costs, home inspection and more.  Following our acceptance of an offer, I will guide you through every step of the 30-60 days leading to the closing table.

Next Steps

If you’ve decided to sell with a REALTOR®, will you please give me an opportunity to partner with you?