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My aggressive and innovative marketing plans are specifically designed to maximize the exposure your property gets to potential buyers.  I strategically target these buyers with a marketing plan that is unsurpassed in its reach, therefore increasing the marketability of your home and driving up the final sale price.  It’s a simple fact that maximum exposure for your property leads to the maximum selling price in the quickest amount of time.  CONTACT ME to design a unique plan for your property based on the following three campaigns:

Web and Social Media Campaign

Since the vast majority of buyers are searching online for property to buy, this is where the marketing of your property begins.  No matter where buyers are looking online, they will find your property.  Because of my strategic partnerships with the most highly trafficked real estate websites in the U.S. and internationally, your property will be listed and advertised on:


  • Zillow

  • Trulia


  • Google

  • Yahoo Real Estate




  • Circle Pix

  • Craiglist

  • And many other sites…

Social media is currently one of the best advertising tools.  However, very few real estate agents are effectively using social media in marketing properties.  My thorough social media strategy promises maximum exposure for your property, including advertising on:

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • YouTube (including a custom video)

  • Google+

  • Instagram

  • Pinterest

  • LinkedIn

Additionally, your property will be featured on this site (one of the most advanced and user friendly real estate sites in the area) as well as having a custom blog posting that will feature your property online.  I drive traffic to my websites through extensive search engine optimization (SEO) and creative linking strategies, classified ads, traditional internet marketing such as banner ads, and pay-per-click advertising (PPC) on many national search engines.  While many real estate agents may be able to say they have your property online, that is simply not enough.  What really differentiates my online marketing is the number of real buyer leads that I am able to generate for your property.

Buyer-Centric Campaign

The magic of a buyer-centric campaign is when we work together to enhance the positive qualities of your property and downplay any negatives, which creates a buying atmosphere.  This begins by focusing on the buyers and doing everything we can to make it easy for them to imagine themselves buying and living in your property.  By using advertising techniques that are useful to buyers, I am working to create an attraction to your property, making it easy for more potential buyers to see and learn about your property (all while portraying your property in its best light).  I do this with the following techniques:

  • Professional Photo Shoot – Why do so many real estate agents take poor quality photographs?  This question always stumps me, especially when listing photos are the single most important tool in the real estate advertising toolbox.  I have a passion for photography and the right equipment for a professional quality photo shoot of your home.  Please ask for my portfolio of real estate listing photographs!

  • “24/7 Open House” – By making sure your property has a virtual tour, floorplan if available, 20+ professional quality photos and diagrams online within easy reach to buyers any time, day or night, we allow buyers to visit your property 24/7.  I also ensure that all available information is easily accessible to buyers and buyer’s agents online, including your completed sellers disclosures and a complete list of upgrades and features included in the home.

  • Customized printed marketing materials – Professional high quality property package (including listing sheets, postcards, flyers, etc) with full details and pictures.  All mailed materials have a strong call to visit my website or call me so that I can personally make an appointment with them to see the property.

  • Open Houses – I will hold traditional open houses with refreshments to allow easy access for buyers.  I will also make sure to get feedback from all attendees by holding a raffle drawing for everyone who fills out a property survey form (great tool for feedback from buyers!).  All open house dates will be aggressively advertised through all web and social media outlets noted above.

  • Print & Newspaper Ads – My ads (depending on your property type and location there are many periodicals at my disposal to advertise in) are specifically designed to call attention to your property and increase potential interest.  But more importantly, your property ads are filled with “calls to action” that drive potential buyers to call or visit the website where they can be converted into real leads for your property.  I don’t just use ads to make your property look good…I use them to sell it.

  • Signage – Attractive custom designed signage at the property to drive phone calls and web traffic are key to capturing walk by/drive by traffic.

Agent Campaign

Attracting attention from other real estate agents is a key ingredient in my marketing platform.  The vast majority of buyers today are working with a real estate agent to assist them in their purchase.  Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure the maximum number of agents are aware of your property to capture their buyers.  By utilizing my extensive network of agents throughout Central Florida and using the following techniques, I am able to create a huge industry “buzz” for your property.

  • MLS Listings – I do not just put your property into the multiple listing databases and forget about it.  Daily monitoring, updating, and enhancing are key to maximize the eyeballs your listing gets by other agents (and public).  Selling the property with a very thorough description, pictures, floorplans, etc. starts with the information in the listing services and is a key (and often overlooked by other agents) aspect of my service.  Please ask to view my portfolio of custom MLS listing write-ups!

  • Answering Phone & Email – This seems like a “given,” but unfortunately prompt responses through phone and email are not always the standard among real estate agents.  This can seriously harm any efforts to sell your property, especially if another agent is trying to make an appointment to bring a buyer to your home.  I am personally responsible for representing your property, and I do not take that job lightly.  I make myself available to answer my phone and emails, and in the event I am on another appointment, I return messages immediately.  I make sure that showing appointment requests are immediately confirmed, and then I follow up with those agents after the showing for any feedback or questions.

  • Direct Mail & Email – I continually send out updates and information for your listing on a weekly basis to agents in the area (with a personal focus on those agents who do the most business with similar properties).  I also diligently keep track of any and all agent or buyer inquiries, so that in the event of a price reduction or other change, I can notify all interested parties immediately.  Keeping your property fresh in these agent’s minds will cause them to think of your property first when they meet new potential buyers.

As you can see, my marketing strategy is unsurpassed in its reach.  But, more importantly, the care and diligence I take to continually update and refresh this marketing strategy allows me to generate the greatest possible interest in your property.  This ultimately helps me to achieve impressive results and to minimize the length of time to sell and to maximize the sale price.  Just to prove how effective this marketing strategy is, here are the “stats” from my last two listings:

  • 18 offers received within 36 hours on the market…SOLD 10% over list price (Orlando, FL)

  • 3 offers received within 48 hours on the market…SOLD at list price (Winter Garden, FL)

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